Werner Pfennig's All The Light We Cannot See

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Imagine the electromagnetic waves from phones, computers and radios that surround all around us. No one see them but people know that they are there and that they affect everyone. Society has the same power on everyone. It 's not something that people can see but something that is felt. The feeling in the atmosphere quickly changed in the book All The Light We Cannot See when World War II broke out. People did what they had to in order to survive. All The Light We Cannot see is a book about a teenage orphan boy named Werner Pfennig who is growing up during Nazi regime. His brilliance allows for him to be inducted to an advanced Nazi school where he is later forced into military service. Before and during the war Germany in particular committed …show more content…
While individuals are capable of seeing a broad spectrum of truths about their world, the basal emotions of collectivized groups blind citizens from seeing different perspectives that are available for them and thereby blind individuals from making moral decisions.
Collectivism caused a blockage of perspective for the citizens of Germany during WWII, which later rhymed with the inability to see different perspectives for USSR citizens during the Cold War. Germany was ruled by the Nazi party during WWII and the USSR was ruled by the communist party during the Cold War. Both parties used collectivism in order to gain control over the citizens of their state. When everyone is the same, a nation can function smoothly because everyone has a common goal. Unfortunately, often the only way to get everyone aboard on the same wavelength, like a radio, is to have the goal be to harm or make others suffer. This principle is called collectivism and it allows for people under the same nation to be compelled to be the same. Werner’s experience in the Nazi party is the epitome of this situation. The only way for him to succeed as a scientist was to conform to
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The power of the radio is similar to the power the Nazis and the Soviets had. It emits an invisible force that radiates in all directions that spreads hundreds of miles from one source. The radio allowed them to progress propaganda and hindered the visibility of all light that people can see. This is shown between Germany during WWII and later USSR during the cold war. The book All The Light We Cannot See literally shows this meaning in its title. People must see the world through their own eyes instead of letting outside influence cloud their judgement. Otherwise the outcome is a replica of Nazi Germany. The use of collectivism, lack of a value for life and hatred allows for political parties to blind the public from seeing the truth. At a very young age children are taught not to think for themselves anymore and just follow everyone else. Societies block all the light or perspectives that people can see. This causes one-dimensional people who only see what their nation teaches them. This is shown in Germany during WWII and which later rhymed with the USSR during the cold war. Nazi and Communist light showed the dark side of humanity, in order to prevent it from ever happening again everyone must “Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close

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