Were Walt Disney Productions Involved In World War 2 Case Study

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To what extent were Walt Disney Productions involved in World War 2?
Walt Disney Films and Productions; they are well known globally by anyone and everyone in the world. Some could say Walt Disney Films are the best thing that happened to the cartoon and film industry whilst others might say they are just the best at children’s entertainment. However, I do not think anyone has nor had a cooking clue that the American Government used Walt Disney Productions in the “Second World War” as forms of Propaganda.
Before the world war, the Walt Disney studios had quite a number of films in its productions. Walt Disney was just beginning to hit make its mark in the industry. However, the Second World War began and things just went left for the success
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However according to the author called David Lesjack of “Toons at war” and his collection of facts, he outlines that the positive outcome of this was that the war allowed the provision for Walt Disney to be experimental at the costs of the American government, even though the profit gained for their propaganda was not that much. Walt Disney was fortunate enough to have received the opportunity to have his business kept running. even though he may have not realised it at the time, but the government really did him a huge favour in using his business for their advantage whilst other companies shut down due to the economic challenges and instability caused by the war which saw the market lose a lot of money. Now quite a number of years later many including myself can personally agree that maybe the fact that Walt Disney productions being in the war was a good opportunity to put Disney where it is today. Concerning its huge success as we refer to the Disneyland Parks, studios across Europe mostly, his films and television channels globally, surely the involvement of Disney in World War 2 was not by fault or mistake, it was pure

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