Were the Difficulties Faced by Charles Ii Due More to Financial Concerns Than Foreign Policy?

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Were the difficulties faced by Charles II due more to financial concerns than foreign policy in the years 1667-1678?

Charles II faced a vast amount of difficulties during his reign, but particularly during the period of 1667-1678. He suffered financial difficulties, foreign policy issues and religious problems. Finance became an obvious problem due to his lack of funds, however his foreign policy was constantly needing money, and a combination of both left Charles with many difficulties.
A substantial difficulty that Charles II faced was that of finance. Finance was a major issue between crown and parliament, especially in-between the years 1665 to 1667. The Crown’s income had dropped by £200,000, and MPs believed that the problems
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In 1673 Charles yet again met problems with finance to fund the war against the Dutch.
In order to gain money from Parliament Charles had to reverse policies such as pro-Catholic acts and the anti-Catholic test act. Due to Charles cooperation Parliament gave him a grant of £1,260,000. Again, due to financial difficulties, Charles found himself retreating act’s he believed in, showing that finance was a main concern to Charles through the year 1667-1678. The third Dutch war (1672-1674) proved very costly for Charles, but in 1674 peace was momentarily made with the Dutch. However the expenditure increased far more rapidly than the income and his debt increased by £750,000 between 1674-1678. This again shows that Charles issues had stemmed from finance as Charles could not fund the war, then when lost, he debt only increased, bringing more tension between himself and Parliament. Then with help from Danby, in 1678 Charles Income had reached £1.3 million from £900,000 it was in 1663, however Danby could not controlled Charles spending and finance was crucial to the relationship of the King and Parliament.
Finance was undoubtedly a significant factor to the difficulties Charles II faced. Due to his vast lack of money it meant he was unable to fund his own battles, he went back on his plans for tolerance, and there

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