Were The Dark Ages Really Dark? Essay

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02.10 Assignment

Part One
Were the Dark Ages Really Dark? Knights, castles, princesses: they were all a part of the Medieval Ages, or rather, the Dark Ages. The term Dark Ages is a name given to the Middle Ages, or the Medieval Ages. “Dark” is simply referring to the lack of events or advances taking place. The Middle Ages took place from 400 CE to 1400 CE, according to Document A. There is debate as to whether the Dark Ages were truly that “dark”. The term “Dark Ages” is an inappropriate term as much actually did occur during this time. A strict definition for the word nationality states “the status of belonging to particular nation”. A definition more suiting to medieval times would be a “distinctive national or ethnic character”. A person’s nationality is much more than just where you were born. Joan of Arc was a French heroine that knew much about nationality. When she was a young girl, she heard voices from God telling her to drive the English out of her home country, France. She was able to rally up an army and lead them to victory at the battle of Orleans. She single handedly contributed to the formation of the French national identity. The formation of many countries’ national identities was one thing that made the Medieval Period less “dark”. There was government before the Middle Ages, and there was government after the Middle Ages. What many people do not realize is that the Middle Ages was not without government. In fact, a document created in the Middle Ages…

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