Wendy And Lucy : A Forever Bond Essay example

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Wendy and Lucy: A Forever Bond In 2008, an independent movie, Wendy and Lucy, was produced. This movie is based off a short story, “Train Choir.” The film stars Michelle Williams, Walter Dalton, and Will Patton. In this movie, Wendy has every reason to break down and give into the typically careless hobo, homeless person 's habits, but she stands above and tries to stay clean, appropriate and happy. While also caring for her dog and make it to Alaska so she can get a job. This film also leaves people inquiring why Wendy is homeless and going to Alaska, and why her sister refuses to help her financially or emotionally. However, among all the obstacles in Wendy’s and Lucy’s story, people can always see the love and connection between these two. Wendy and Lucy are on a journey to get to Alaska. Wendy stops in a small town in Oregon to refresh. She wakes up and is asked to move her car, but her car would not start. As a result, the mechanic says it will cost two-thousand dollars to fix. This is just the start of the headaches coming her way. She has no place to sleep after her car is put in the shop. Wendy is forced to take all her belongings from her trunk, stuff them in a small bag, and go on her way. Next, she is caught shoplifting. Then she is forced to ride in the back of a cop car to the station and get fingerprinted not just once, but twice. To top it all off, she even loses her beloved dog Lucy.
When living in poverty people may feel like the world if falling all…

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