Essay on Welty, The Oldest And Only Daughter

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Introduction: Eudora Welty is an American short- story author/novelist best known for her searching studies of small-town life in the South. “Welty is considered one of the most important authors of the twentieth century. Although the majority of her stories are set in the American South and reflect the region’s language and culture, critics agree that Welty’s treatment of universal (covering or including all) themes and her wide- ranging artistic influences clearly cross all regional boundaries” (Discovering Authors).Thesis: Due to pieces from Welty’s childhood, start off, and career, it’s clear she was an acclaimed writer who had strived to impact the cannon of American Literature.
Author background (Childhood): Eudora Alice Welty, the oldest and only daughter was birthed April 13, 1909, in Jackson, Mississippi. Her father, Christian Welty, cultural bases was planted on a farm in Ohio. Later in years, Christian became a country school teacher. Chestina Andrews, her mother, was Christian fellow colleague. After their marriage, he decided to move his family to Jackson to increase financially but entering business (Discovering Authors). Eudora described her childhood as a “happy childhood in a close knit, bookish family.” she states her earliest memories was the sound of her parents voices reading the favorite books to one another in the evenings (Discovering Authors). In fact, later one will discover One Writer’s Beginning is influenced by her family and surroundings (Noel…

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