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After visiting Wellesley twice, it is hard for me to choose just two things that I love the most about the school because I have fallen in love with Wellesley College. The Wellesley 100 does not even begin to explain everything Wellesley has to offer! Since I have to choose, one thing that stands out to me is the Majors of study offered at Wellesley. I have always wanted to be a teacher, so I plan to major in Mathematics and minor in Education. My parents love to repeat a story that my preschool teacher told them of my tendency to “instruct” my classmates during our daily “clean up time” at preschool - and my classmates happily following those instructions! For the last four years, I have pursued my interest in education by volunteering …show more content…
I am a softball player. I’ve been a softball player for as long as I can remember. Softball has taught me important life lessons: leadership, discipline, hard work, and perseverance to name a few. Research shows that a majority of leading female executives were athletes. That’s not an accident. I will continue to love this game by playing in college. I can’t imagine my life without softball! Before I visited Wellesley this past October, I had already met and spoken with Coach O’Meara many times. I love her dedication to the game and the softball program she has built at Wellesley! Coach O’Meara knows how to get the best out of her players, but it seems like she knows how to have fun with them too! I want to play in a highly competitive softball program, and that certainly describes Coach O’Meara’s program at Wellesley! I really like the strength/weight training program that Coach O’Meara has developed for the team. I can truly see the impact that the weight program has on the team’s performance. I was finally able to meet the women on the team when I visited during Discover Wellesley Weekend. That weekend completely sold me on Wellesley! Because I will be spending so much time with the other players on the softball team, it’s important to me that I fit in with the team athletically, socially, and personally. The Wellesley softball team truly seemed like a close knit family when I met them, and it didn’t take long before I felt like one of the group. I can see myself as part of that team, and can’t wait to contribute to the success of the program. Two of the most important things in my life are softball and academics. Wellesley College will help me continue to grow as a leader in the classroom and on the field so I can reach my potential in

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