Well What Do You Think? Essay

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"Well what do you think?" Emily 's dad asked her, "It 's exciting to be in a new home, don 't you think?" "I guess so," started Emily "but what about all my friends, what if I don 't like it here or the other kids don 't like me?" Emily 's mom told her confidently, "Sweetheart you are an amazing girl, you know you 'll make new friends fast. Plus look at this big house, you 'll never be bored and you can have plenty of friends over with all this room."
Emily wasn 't so sure of her new house. It was old and falling apart, when they got inside the ceilings had stains from leaks and the floors were not completely covered with tiles. As she walked up the stairs every single one made an eerie creaking . As she reached the top step she swore she heard someone run down the hall. She didn 't know which way though, she looked to the left nothing but five doors and the same to the right. She checked out every room and the third one was hers. "Do you like it so far Emily?" her father excitedly asked. "Yes, but it 's too big for me. What if I get scared, you guys will be to far away for me to yell or find you. I 'm going to get lost and scared." Her mother started, "Emily it 's just a house, our room will be close enough and you 'll start remembering where things are. It 'll be okay, you 'll learn to love it. Now go have some fun and explore your new house."
Emily started with the upstairs rooms. There wasn 't much in them besides pictures and paintings. There…

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