Welfare Reform Changes Affected Single Mothers Parenting Essay

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Welfare reform changes affected single mothers parenting. Having a child out of wedlock was looked down on. Two parent households promoted marriage as a standard to raise a family. If a welfare recipient had an additional child while on welfare her check would increase to reflect the additional family member however, the negative stereotypes of single mothers caused that benefit not to go into effect (Stern et al (2012). So if a single mother had more children she was viewed as irresponsible and promiscuous (Stern et al (2012). These ideas undermined the parenting of single mothers because if they had more children they did not receive any additional cash assistance.
The next area that Welfare reform changes affected single mothers is their substance abuse usage. Some single mothers use substance as a way to cope with the realities of time restraints and sanctions of their benefits. If a client is non- compliant with the welfare requirements they understand that there will be some type of consequences for non- compliance. Jayakody, R., Danziger, S., & Pollack, H. (2000) noted a study results indicated that “21 percent of welfare recipients report use of illegal substance during the past year, compared with 13 percent of non-recipients” and the popular drug choice was marijuana. Clients turned to a substance in efforts to deal with the stressors of the Welfare reform changes.
The final area where welfare reform changes impacted among single mothers is Domestic Violence. Due…

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