Welfare Programs And The Welfare System Essay examples

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There are many programs within the American government that can be taken advantage of. The most devastating and easiest to abuse is the welfare system. So many families take advantage of the system that actually assists so many people actually in need. The Medicaid program has more participants than any other welfare system (Welfare 5). Welfare programs where introduced to assist families in need to live a good quality lifestyle, and also to help support their children. Families abusing the welfare circumstances clearly have no incentive to increase their work effort since they see no enhancement in their spending power (Welfare 5). “If welfare did not help the poor, then why would so many people be on welfare?’’ (Welfare). This is a question often asked dealing with the abuse of welfare systems. On average, a family that earns around two thousand dollars a year can receive over twenty five thousand dollars in government assistance each month. These benefits come without an incentive to work by the family. Such families with this government assistance show sharply reduced the return of work activity, and in doing so discourage families from increasing their work activity (Welfare 7). Although welfare benefits assist families in need, some individuals take advantage and abuse the welfare system. The welfare system was made up in order to insure each and every family to live a good quality of life (Green Garage). The United States has spent nearly twenty trillion on…

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