Welfare Persuasive Essay

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Today in the United States around one hundred and ten million people were on welfare (“The 35.4 percent”). If you keep looking into it, that is almost thirty-five percent of the people in America (“The 35.4 percent”). So, what about the rest of the world? Why are we paying for these people? America needs to stop and stand up for themselves. Welfare should not be an option because it is hurting the children that it is supposed to be helping because it is causing the children to run into a lot more issues, and it is affecting people in bad ways more than good ways. Welfare should be eliminated because there are many options out there besides welfare. One of those options would be to get a job. Most people that are sick or hurt automatically …show more content…
Welfare is a program that was made for children. Welfare is a program that is supposed to be put in place to make a child’s life better. The Welfare program today, though, is hurting our children more than it is helping them (“How Welfare Harms Kids”). “Higher welfare payments do not help children; they increase dependence and illegitimacy, which have a devastating effect on children 's development” (“How Welfare Harms Kids”). Most people continue relying on welfare for a really long time. The average time that people spend on the systems is around thirteen years (“How Welfare Harms Kids”). People become so dependant on the system that just stay on it as long as they can. That does not set a very good example for a child because they see how reliant their parents are on the systems. When children have parents that are not setting great examples for them they go through a lot mentally and physically. It is very hard on children when they are trying to find some sort of stability in their family. There are many things that children get into when they are going through very rough times. For example, the rate of behaviorial issues in children is more than tripled (“How Welfare Harms Kids”). The children are also a lot more likely, to get involved in sexual activities as teenager, it is almost tripled (“How Welfare Harms Kids”). The amount of women that will have children out of wedlock is more than doubled (“How Welfare Harms Kids”). The amount of boys that will become a threat to society and engage in the criminal actitivities that are going on today are doubled (“How Welfare Harms Kids”). The rates are very terrible on the children today, it makes everything rough for them. When parents are on welfare I believe it causes a lot of struggle for the children because between all of the crazy things that come with the welfare program, they are trying to find themselves. The welfare program effects a

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