Welfare, Its What Is Wrong with America Essay

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Welfare, it’s what is Wrong with America Today.

American conservatives feel the welfare system, as we know, needs to be completely dismantled, or in the least, restructured with extreme limitations on who can receive benefits and how benefits are used. The good intentions of welfare advocates have over burdened American citizens with perhaps the heaviest burden placed upon the ones they intended to help the most. Liberals would suggest the wealthiest of Americans should bare a larger burden than those who have less. This has been a theme for the current extreme Liberal party but an overall shift in American social policy has moved towards dismantling welfare with the goals to bring its participants into the mainstream economy. Why
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Because an individual has more, why shouldn’t they pay more to a system that supports underachieving citizens? People have the right to earn as much as they can, as it takes hard work to prosper. With intervention from the government, the gap between the rich and the poor has widened. The poor are becoming ever more dependent on welfare because jobs just do not pay enough. It is easier to stay at home and collect welfare. It’s the American way.
This is a central difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals have fought for the wealthiest of Americans to pay a larger percentage of taxes or their fair share. There is a point when an individual has more money than they could ever spend, so it makes sense that paying a higher tax rate is fair. The difference would not affect their lifestyle as they would still have more money than anyone could spend in several lifetimes. If the tax burden for Americans fell more on the wealthiest, there would be more money to help the poorest, uneducated citizens get off of welfare. Furthermore, with limited amounts of natural resources that the population of the United States can benefit from, the wealthiest have an advantage in utilizing the limited natural resources of North America (Carson 142)? Maybe the wealthiest will use up all of the natural resources and leave America to become a third world country. Therefore, all American citizens should share in the wealth derived from the strength of America,

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