Welfare, Immigration, Fiscal Policy, And Environment Essay

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The W.I.F.E party stands for Welfare, Immigration, Fiscal Policy, and Environment. These categories have been social issues for a long period of time. Our mission is alter the already set policies, and have them benefit our population. “For Success Keep Your W.I.F.E.” this slogan is aimed to attract a certain population, women. Even though men are more than welcome to vote, our slogan will attract the female population. We are moderates, we see both sides of issues. Being moderates, our party will fight for the well-being of citizens. Have you ever wondered if welfare is used how it needs to be? Welfare was created to help out people that have a low salary. But another thing that comes to mind is that other people might abuse it. Or if in reality that upper class people also receive the benefits of it.
It’s a major problem if upper class people use it. The reason being is that they may use it in useless things. For example, buying expensive unnecessary things. If they receive welfare they should be responsible to help out homeless or lower class people.
Another problem is that many people might use it on drugs and alcohol. Thus, this leads to people to have problems with substance abuse. Back to the problem is that some of these people might have a family to feed and aren’t responsible on using the benefits. They are not aware of their priorities. People that only use the money for those types of substances should be banned from using welfare.
The first part of the…

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