Welding, The Main Driving Force Behind Manufacturing Essay

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Nearly fifty percent of objects in the U.S are affected by welding, welding is the main driving force behind manufacturing. The history of welding dates back to 4000 B.C, although there is only proof of it dating back to 3700 B.C. Products were invented such as jewelry, utensils, and weapons like swords and spears. Although we use a different method than used in the bronze age, they both use the same method which is the melting of two metals to bond them together. Metals such as Iron, Bronze, Gold and silver were all used to weld. Thousands of years of welding gave us the life we have today. Blacksmiths in 3700 B.C. were the welders, blacksmiths crafted tools out of many different types of metals and sold them to the people in their towns. They were some of the most important people in this era because without them it would have been almost impossible for people to do the things that they had to do. Blacksmiths also created many different objects such as horseshoes, body armor and weapons. Welding in this time consist of heating two different pieces of metal together at a very high temperature in a fire, which causes them to bond. This type of welding takes a lot more time and effort but in reality is the same way we do it today only without electricity. Blacksmiths in a way not only crafted different objects but helped build the world. (Wallis) Today in the twenty first century there are many different types of welding that are used for different jobs and…

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