Welding : A Good Job For Me Essay

1508 Words Dec 1st, 2014 null Page
Welding The job I would like to do in the future is welding. Welding seems to be a well-supported and good job. The pay is pretty good and I believe it would be a good job for me. Welders can retire pretty much whenever they feel they have made enough, which is rather nice. It’s most likely one of the most dangerous job a person can have, but it is, in my opinion, also a very fun job and also requires you to be very patientwhen you are working. In weldingthere are many different jobs that pay differently depending on how well a person preforms them. There are three types of welding Mig, Tig, and Arc welding. All can be difficult when learning, because they each uses a different technique. MIG welding, also known as gas metal arc welding, in this form the wire is automatically feed with a shielding gas. TIG, which is known as Tungsten arc welding, which is similar toMigthat’s needs shielding gas but you have to feed the wire manually. Arc welding, known as stick welding, is a very old process and is not like any of the others, it doesn’t use a shielding gas, it uses electrical currents. Welding is a dangerous career mostly because of safety and the environment. Welding is a dangerous career mostly due to the safety and the environment. In welding people could be smashed by falling objects which can cause internal brain injuries. There is also the risk of falling off platforms if they are not careful because sometimes people have to be in weird spots that could be very…

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