Parables In Christianity

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Jesus’s parables teach Christians how to live faithfully in the presence of God for the duration of their lives. Through these parables, Christians are taught how to respect, appreciate, and love themselves as well as others. However, the big problem in Christianity is that many people tend to forget about these teachings and commit actions that are against what the parables teach. On the other hand, if authentic parable-based Christianity were to exist, it would be a fully inclusive community that promotes positivity among its members as well as others. Being fully inclusive in a specific group of people will establish a positive mindset and attitude that will carry on to the members of the community. Christianity has many sides to it that give it many faces; however, the majority of people like to look at its bad side. Christianity has taught its followers to maintain an open and …show more content…
When tragedy strikes, an individual will begin to lose faith in God because they believe that God has punished them, or He did not work to stop the storm from coming in the first place. However, living a faithful life means that an individual will continue to believe and trust in God, even when life gets rough. Trusting and believing in God is difficult, but it should never be easy for being faithful takes hard work and extensive thought. Furthermore, in the parable of the Great Pearl, Jesus teaches that sacrifice is what is essential for an individual to improve. The main theme of the parable is sacrifice, which is what an individual needs to do to be able to live a faithful life. Following Christianity and truly responding to God takes true sacrifice. In life, hard work will always take sacrifice. Once an individual learns to sacrifice for their faith, then this is when an individual ultimately learns how to truly follow

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