Welcome To The Real World By The All-American Reject

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What is the real world, are our opinions truly are own? These questions are raised in the song “Real World” by the All-American Rejects. The song begins with the writers saying that many people simply go throughout life in a dream like daze. The writers then goes onto the second verse where it is stated that many people simply believe whatever they told and and in doing so slip away from reality. In the third verse the writers portrays that there is still hope for those who are fooled and that while there is darkness, you are not alone. Next the writers mention that the past is the past and that we can only go forward. Then the writers then goes on to portray that when people find out that which they do not wish to be reality they reject the truth and in so doing reject themselves. …show more content…
In this verse the main message is that of the writer welcoming the listeners to reality and the truth of the world. The writer then goes on to say that it is tragic that most people do not care for the truth. The first main point is evident in the lyrics “Welcome to the real world now.” When this is said the writer is implying that before we had not known the reality around us, yet now we can begin to as we realize that truth is very abstruse and difficult to find. That we should not accept things at face value. On the second main point of people not caring for truth this point is clear in the lines “Am I / The only one who thinks it’s tragic.” When this line is said the writer is saying that it is tragic that most people do not care for truth, what the actuality of the reality they live in. The use of rhetoric in this verse is that of bluntness. This is as the writer is saying welcome to the real world everything is not fair and that most others do not care for truth. Yet this mustn’t deter us from our path. This is the primary meaning of this verse and how the retinoic functions in helping to convince others of the

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