Welcome At The Beautiful World Of Aids Essay

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Welcome to the Beautiful World of Aids
In 2013, 26,688 people were diagnosed with AIDS. What is AIDS? And when did it start? If you have never heard of AIDS, please stick around and read this. You may think AIDS is a simple 4 letter word but it stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. But then again anything about this syndrome is not simple at all: treatment, medication, lifestyle, and history. So welcome to the beautiful world of aids.
What is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and when did is start? Acquired means you can get infected with it; Immune Deficiency is when your body’s system that fights diseases is weak. Syndrome is a sort of health problems that defines a disease. Back in the 1980s AIDS had a different name, Gay-related Immune Deficiency or for short GRID (Altman, 1982). In 1981“Kaposi’s Sarcoma (KS) was a rare form of relative benign cancer that tended to occur in older people. But by March 1981 at least eight cases of a more aggressive form of KS had occurred amongst young gay men in New York (Conant).” By July of 1982 a total of 452 cases, all from 23 states had been reported. It was not until the appearance of the disease was reported in Haiti that it became a non-homosexual disease. In the 1980s they were unsure where AIDS originated. All they knew was that it was killing their immune system and many where dying from it. AIDS was a long difficult battle.

“Don’t look at him, you’re going to catch AIDS! “ You can’t catch AIDS because it’s…

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