Essay on Weight Loss Drugs Or Anti Obesity Medication Act

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Weight loss drugs or anti-obesity medication act by controlling or reducing weight; this is done by regulating the absorption of calories or appetite. Weight loss drugs that suppress appetite are called anorexiants. Certain drugs that contain scheduled stimulants are regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Weight loss medications are available in three main forms over the counter drugs, prescription drug and herbal supplements. Over the counter medications are issued without a doctor’s notice or prescription. Most over the counter medication are FDA regulated and are available at the drug store. Prescription drug are issued strictly with a doctor’s prescription, the doctor also monitor’s their use. These drugs are also regulated by FDA.
Herbal diet supplements, on the other hand are available with no prescription. Herbal medications are easily available at nutrition and health food stores. Most of the herbal medications for weight loss are considered are categorized as food products by FDA.

Common weight loss drugs
Prescription weight loss drugs can be ordered to patients who have serious health risks such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes type 2 and have difficulty controlling their weight using through dieting or exercise. However, it is important to understand that weight loss medication should not be taken in place of taking a healthy food or performing exercises. Patients who use weight loss drugs may lose up…

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