Weight Gain And Increased Exercise Essay

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Weight gain (and increased appetite): Develop a plan to maintain or increase exercise. There may need to be a change in diet, to encourage health eating.

Dry mouth: Encourage the client to consume high fluid content foods and fluids (eg: cucumber, apples, soups, etc). Avoid carbohydrates between meals – sweet or starchy foods adhere to tooth and gum surfaces. Maintain strict dental hygiene – clean teeth immediately after meals and floss. Saliva keeps mouth moist and also physically mobilises particles – if food particles remain in the mouth, then saliva will work on the break down, not keeping a moist environment. (Keltner & Folks, 2005)

Orthostatic hypotension (postural hypotension): Make some lifestyle changes (that will also assist weight gain and dry mouth symptoms) – drink more fluids, less alcohol, take it easy during hot weather, keeping your head elevated while sleeping, low carbohydrate meals and standing slowly.

E Malaki’s mother becomes very distressed when they are told that Malaki has schizophrenia and does not want any of the extended family to know. How could her response be related to stigma? Analyse the impact of stigma and discrimination on people with major mental illness and their families. (200 words)

Even in the 21st century, the world struggles with accepting mental illness. Even now the advertisements on New Zealand TV are related to depression and bipolar, while many of the other mental illness remain ignored. Ignorance plays a big part in…

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