Wegner Reflection

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I believe that these books have taught me a lot about my life and why I’ve made some of the decisions that have had an impact on me. The first book was very hard to read at first. I struggled quite a bit trying to comprehend it, but once I figured out Wegner’s style of writing; I started to understand better. The second book was a lot easier to read, I honestly enjoyed both books because they gave me a different view on life and how things work. My mother and father are both in my life, but my mother raised me. I talk to my dad and see my dad occasionally, but we never had the relationship that my mother and I have. Throughout Wegner’s book I’ve realized that I may not have that relationship with my father because I would not let it happen with my unconscious will. Though, he was in my life and loved me he was not always there. Many important things have happened to me and he has been nowhere to be found, for instance my birth, my baptism, my conformation, and all the sporting events. As these things were happening, I did not even realize he was not there, because it was not a surprise. I know my dad loves me, but I do not think he understands how he affected our relationship. As I was reading Wegner’s book I would think of different times in my life and I started to realize that …show more content…
Now that I have read this book I’ve realized that I am just Thin Slicing daily, most of the time I do it without even knowing. According to Gladwell we get these thoughts and we cannot explain because usually they are unconscious thoughts. For instance, in one of our class discussion we talked about how when we start to judge someone it is unconscious at first, but then when we recognize what we are doing and it becomes a conscious thought. I believe that we can do things without being conscious of it, and sometimes we cannot dig into out unconscious thoughts to explain them

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