Essay on Week2

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Week Two: Self- Inquiry: Select
Candis Fields
May 16, 2015
Concordia University –Portland

Walking into my classroom every day allows me to feel that I am creating someone’s future be it personally or professionally. I love my career choice because of the impact that I have on my students. In these two years of teaching high school, I have learned a lot about the students in which I share a city with. I say this because when I was in high school, I faced struggles with peer pressure, fitting in, and other frivolous things that really was not as big as I made them. But what I find now is that my students are facing life decisions at even younger ages. Some are facing extreme poverty where they are having to choose
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In this year alone, I have been able to see that a lot of people make the mistake of picking the right career path, but using the wrong reasons to rationalize their choice. Hallowell (2011) states that “a person can’t will himself to want to work hard, and a manager can’t cheerlead employees who are in the wrong spot in the organization (p.45)” Many think that support comes only in the form of administrative presence, but you must first provide yourself with that same level of support. Being able to encourage yourself in all situations not only builds character, but your resilience in any given situation. For when we offer Peer Reviews in one another’s classrooms, we offer suggestions of how to make the classroom better for the students as well as the teacher. We offer suggestions, answer questions, but most importantly: we share experiences that has helped us to grow in our own areas. In taking the Hallowell Self Report Job-Fit Scale found on pages 51-55 of Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People (Hallowell, 2011), I found that my true passion deals with helping children of all ages in bad situations. I want them to feel that they have someone to talk to and offer them sound advice to get through it. But I find that it contradicts my true like of being alone reading poetry or creating short stories. I believe that this is what I truly need to work on in order to make my writing pieces more structured. I find that when I write, I

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