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Week 2
As the analyst for this project it is my responsibility to ensure that all the information needed is obtained and passed along to the developers in an organized and prompt fashion. The first step in which I will proceed to gather information from is by selecting which individuals inside the Riordan manufacturing company I will choose to gather information from. The individuals will vary from the CEO all the way down to the frontline employees. Currently for this project we will interview the individuals who the new program will affect as well as their managers and direct supervisors. Since the new program that is being analyzed and updated deals with the actual production line, I will be interviewing the production line team as
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I say this because most of the higher up managers have been working with the machines for years and know them inside and out compared to some of the tier one employees who know their jobs well but might not understand the technical details of what causes the issues. The last person I would interview would be the plant manager as he or she runs the plant and could possibly have some valued insight on some of the issues.

When gathering information it is vital that you not just ask questions but observe as well. For example if the machine jams and you have to push the mold line down to un-jam, currently you would have to manually turn the turn wheel to push the line down which requires an employee to manually turn the wheel which could lead to injury. With the new program you could implement a button within the system on the control panel that would allow you to press the button and it automatically pushes one mold or as most people refer to it as “Jog” the machine. This would reduce the number of injuries and strains per year to 0 for that area. This is something that most people would not have mentioned in the interview process but rather something you observe when the issue does arise and they are dealing with it as you watch. Another technique I would use would be a hand on approach. I would have one of the operators show me fist hand the current

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