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Memo – New manager – effective communications in groups
Team A
January 23, 2012
Deborah Elver


To: Lynn White
Subject: Group Communication

We welcome you to Southwest Airlines, Inc. Your decision to join the accounting tem is exciting. We know that your skills and knowledge will be asset to this company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of us. The following are some suggestions we want to share with you. This memorandum is a summary on how to develop communication and build relationships within your team. We have summarized a description of group development, barriers that most likely exist, and techniques to improve communication within a group.
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As members change their preconceived ideas, they start to share information and ask questions of one another.
Stage four is performing. Group members indeed become one entity. Group confidence is soaring and devotion among group members is strong. The function of completing the task develops into sincere problem solving. Action happens here. Group managers should embrace individual creativity because it enhances group performances.
Last stage is Adjourning, also known as mourning stage, as group members frequently encounter loss. This occurs, especially when a group is disbanding abruptly or with little preparation to come to a close. A planned conclusion should include acknowledge contributions and accomplishment and provide the opportunity for members to express individual goodbyes.
A primary component in group development is effective communication. Successful and open communication creates a belief of trust and a sense of belonging to a team. When team members believe you value them,, they will generally become more dedicated, making it easier for you and your team to work as a congruent unit to achieve all its goals. If this not accomplished, you will have conflicts within your group, making it much more difficult to accomplish the task in hand.
We have listed some of the barriers that can inhibit effective communication to your teams as well as within your team: * Physical

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