Week One Learning Activity Worksheet Essay

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Week One Learning Activity Worksheet
Develop a detailed outline of your first main point. (For assistance with your writing skills, refer to the
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The Constitution:
Provide an introductory paragraph that briefly describes one strength and one weakness of the U.S. Constitution.
The Constitution protects the individual rights of the people, which is a very important thing. When the Constitution was written, the first ten Amendments made up the Bill of Rights which lists specific limits of governmental power in order to protect individuals from government abuse. The greatest weakness is its ability to be interpreted pretty much how the current society wants to interpret it. Which, when you think about it, is caused by the weaknesses in government and society as a whole. Let 's take the separation of church and state as an example. The founding fathers promoted the separation of the two institutions as an attempt to keep government from exercising any control over a person 's freedom of religion. Remember, our country was founded by people wanting to exercise different religions. Depending on where you were in Europe, you had to be either Catholic and subject to the Pope, or Protestant, depending on the political climate. The two were intertwined to the point that being the wrong religion was treason. Here, there was supposed to be a freedom to fully embrace your religious practices and to include them in your daily life. But…

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