Week One Assignment Alice 's Finance Plan Essay

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Week One Assignment Alice’s Finance Plan
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Use S.M.A.R.T. planning model and information in this section to evaluate Alice’s goals.
a. Pay off student loan
b. Buy a house and save for children 's education
c. Accumulate assets
d. Retire
e. Travel around the world in a sailboat

Week One Assignment Alice’s Finance Plan
Alice’s is at the early stage of life in her personal finances. How she decides to plan for the future financially right now will determine whether she hits her goals and wishes in her late stages of personal finance. We will evaluate her current situation, plan for the future, and come up with ways to better position her to achieve her goals and achieve them on time or ahead of time, with the factors and information she has control over. The factors she doesn’t have control over we will protect her assets the best we can.
For Alice to achieve her wishes and goals she needs to take the time and go into a real deep dive of information and her financial process planning. A very well known model for setting goals, and reaching goals is the S.M.A.R.T. model. The model allows individuals to really think out all the details to a level that most people rarely ever do when setting goals. This is usually why goals are never accomplished, because we either can 't finish them, goals became too hard and they give up, or some uncontrollable things that were not thought of can put a stop to accomplishing a goal. To…

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