week 9 final project HSM 220 Essay

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Final Project Scenario Solution
Week 9
Dana Thomas
Detailing how a human service organization focused on providing job skills to high school dropouts would address the following:
· Statement of opportunity · Impact of organizational structure · Community and environmental factors · Human resources and budget With the increase in high school dropouts, we have taken the initiative
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Along with the benefits of dividing up the departments, it would also build teamwork since everyone is headed toward the same goal. Having everyone work their own segments and report back to each other would build a great amount of teamwork in the foundation. Not only is teamwork a good foundation builder, but the students can build on what each other person has to say or perspective may be by adding their own thoughts and experiences and overall make each other better. Also within this organizational structure we could use the matrix organizational structure, which would be an excellent idea as well. We would have people that are good in each skill, such as a group of people who are extremely good at advertising and promoting, a group of people that are very easy to talk to, and a group of people that are very good with numbers. The group of people who are good at advertising and promoting could be the ones out in the community trying to recruit the drop out students to join and utilize the programs that we offer. This is a very important factor because many of these

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