Week 5 Essay

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Determining Your Perfect Position
Sonya Brantley
January 11, 2012
Professor Ruthie McDaniel

Determining Your Perfect Position Agape Hospice is a reputable organization offering nursing care, physician services, social services, home health aides, trained volunteer services, bereavement services, spiritual support, and counseling. The services are offered to the northern region of Louisiana. As an employee of Agape Hospice; the perfect position would be director of marketing. My leadership style demonstrates a concern for people as well as task; with task being the priority. To be an employee for a Hospice group, the concern for people is very important. However; accomplishing a task creates security and a
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This is an appropriate analysis for my role in the hospice work environment. My role will be to accumulate a high patient census with the focus of getting the task done to increase the profit of the organization. A marketing director must have the ability to know the competitors position in the community, identify trends, respond swiftly, and communicate goals and expectations thoroughly.
Autocratic leadership style focuses on completing a job. Autocratic leadership is beneficial when completing a job is the top priority. Marketing in a hospice group will require a sense of completing a job to improve the organizational goals. The autocratic leadership style requires a strong leadership role to implement efficiency. The role of marketer requires a take charge person to implement the importance of hospice. This will increase the patient census and the consumer’s knowledge of the services offered by hospice. An autocratic leader can increase the communities knowledge about hospice; creating a position within the community beyond the competitors. As a marketing director for Agape Hospice; the responsibilities will include efficiency, assertiveness, and knowledge of the organizational goals and mission. The skills can improve the profit margin of the organization; establishing a position within the community. The marketing director can influence the

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