Week 5 MGT311 Mgt 311 Week 5 Team Assig Essay

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Change Management and Communication Plan
Week 5
Change Management and Communication Plan

It has been decided that Riordan Manufacturing will implement an official customer management system. This system will be used by everyone in the organization. The main goal of the team is to help with the planning and implementation of the new system in order for a smooth transition.
Current Formal and Informal Structure
Riordan Manufacturing has a current formal power structure of clearly lay out chain of command that is broken down into specialize departments such as V.P. Operations, Dir. Plant Ops., Pontiac, Dir. Plant Ops.: Albany and V.P. International. Riordan’s organizational charts show how the structure of
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They also believe that the team is sincere in its concern for the employees of the business. A negative reaction in the population of employees was that there was a definite lack of communication. Due to the fact that the employees are also affected by the changes occurring with the implementation of this system, communication will be a crucial point between leaders, managers, and team members. We have also decided that another crucial key point will be the opinion and feedback of the employee population. In order to implement this system with the highest success rate possible, we need to know from an outside view, how it is working before there are issues with the customers. This will also make the employees feel as though they have a meaningful contribution to the task.
Characteristics and Potential Influence on Employee Behavior Team orientation and culture are the bases of the cultural characteristics in regards to Riordan Manufacturing. These characteristics consist of the idea that work functions around team. This is a strong asset in a business. Individual mind-sets will only slow the business down. Team orientation is necessary because each team member represents a small portion of a larger picture. Each of them attains a common knowledge of the task and goals that need to be achieved. Another strong point of a team base is the fact that they can rely on each

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