Week 5 Checkpoint Essay

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1. Livingston made some mistakes initially. Describe at least two of them and provide how you would handle the situations.
Livingston did make a critical mistake initially of choosing the project manager from a different department. So that was one of the mistakes that he had made. With choosing a project manager, from a different department Livingston is looking at possible resentment arising from of all functional departments. Although Livingston’s did make the right move of appointing a project manager to help in improved cost and control management, however, it did not necessarily go about appointing the project manager in the right manner and may face resentment. Another problem that Livingston had was communication problems, the
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The project schedule depicts:
• Time (duration) estimates for all project tasks
• Start and finish dates for the tasks
• Names of staff resources assigned to complete the tasks
• Sequence of tasks
A major component of a project schedule is a work breakdown structure (WBS). The project schedule is constructed to reflect the work breakdown structure.
The most common constraints in project scheduling are time and cost. These two constraints have a great impact on project scheduling. The scheduled project time may be adjusted using schedule compression techniques. Compressing a project’s schedule means reducing the time taken to complete a project without interfering with its scope or objectives.
Time constraint can be manipulated using a compression technique known as crashing. This involves undertaking a given project within a shorter period than the scheduled time. For instance, if a project was scheduled to take thirty weeks to complete, crashing can be applied to enable completion of the project within twenty weeks. However, crashing has a direct impact on cost. Usually, crashing is accompanied by incremental costs. This is because, for a project to be completed within the crashed duration without interfering with its scope and objectives, it requires input of additional resources such as human resources, or machineries.

6. Is a completion date in as short as 18 months realistic? Why

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