Essay on Week 2 Worksheet

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Week 2 Review Worksheet

The Process of Memory

In the spaces provided beneath the flowchart, list the term that corresponds with the definition in each box.


1. Store____________________
2. Encoding_________________
3. Short term memory________
4. Consolidation______________
5. Declarative Memory________
6. Chunking_________________
7. Segmentation________
8. Rehearsal
Computing IQ Essay

Consider the following scenario:

Kara is 10 years old. She has been given an intelligence test. Her mental age is 13.

According to Sternberg, what is Kara’s IQ? Conduct research and interpret her score.

Choose two theories of intelligence.

Write a 150- to 200-word
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The main components to operant conditioning are the discriminitive stimulus which is the environmental stimulus that occurs before the operant response. The operant response is the voluntary behavior. Next is the consequence which is the environmental stimulus or the incident that comes after the operant response. The last component is the effect on behavior in the future, meaning the reinforcement will increase likelihood of the operant being repeated, punishment or lack of reinforcement decreases the probability of the operant happening again (Nevid, 2015).

3. Describe the different types of long-term memories. Long term memory is where memory is kept for long periods of time. There are several kinds of long term memory. Declarative memory is the memory of facts, general information, data, and events. People are aware of their declarative memories and find it easy to elaborate on them. Declarative memories are also known as explicit memory. Semantic memory and episodic memory are sub categories for declarative memories. Semantic memories contain simple facts and information in relation to one’s understanding. Episodic memories are memories full of personal information secluded only to the individual. Procedural memory is another types of longer term memory. This type of long term memory memorizes things based on task and is more of a

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