Week 2 Case Analysis Article Review Essay

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Complex Market Forces are challenging Appalachian Coal Mining

Complex Market Forces are challenging Appalachian Coal Mining Article summary This paper describes how environmental forces affect the coal mining industry and plays an important role in our life. We will learn that environmental forces brings threats, uncertainty and opportunities to marketers and consumers . Although this paper focus on the coal mining industry, I believe that the main points focus on the environmental forces that marketer and consumers face every day. Appalachia’s coal communities were confronted by a confluence of market factors that developed over a period of years; resulting in numerous market factors, including low domestic and
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Another challenge to the Appalachian coal is competition from coals imported from Colombia which produces a high quality thermal coal, inexpensive to mine and relatively inexpensive to ship to power plants along the East Coast of the United States; thus making Appalachian coal less attractive to power plants along the East Coast.

Falling international coal prices negatively affected the Appalachian coal companies and the region which is increasingly dependent on foreign market. The unfavorable state of the global coal market, making producers export resulting in recent lay-offs.

Coal production methods have evolved over the decades in the industry as production has shifted from underground mining to surface mining, more mechanized and less labor intensive; resulting in falling employment for decades in the nation’s coal mines.

How Appalachian coal company relates to week two topic Marketing Environment? The above article highly relates to week two topic on marketing environment and social responsibility and ethics in marketing. The topic of the week (Marketing Environment) elaborates on external forces that affects organization/business as a whole. These factors include, competitive, economic, political, legal and regulatory, technology and sociocultural forces. All the environmental forces play a role in the above article but the main forces that stands out are competition,

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