Week 1 Marketing Essay example

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McDonald’s “Seniors” Restaurant
1. Evaluate Quinn McMahon’s current strategy regarding senior citizens. Does this strategy improve this McDonald’s image? Answer: I think so, every owner/manager needs and has to evaluate their surroundings and either adjust or change their atmosphere to the customer’s needs. In some cases, I have seen McDonald’s restaurant’s representing a 1950’s dinner. This may bring in a certain market age gender or a variety on that matter just to get a feel of the older era. I would have to believe that McDonald’s corporate office would not frown on the image she is producing in her community since she is catering to the number one focus in any business “customers.” Chapters 1, page 7 shows in the side remarks
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Chapter 2, page 33 states “managers should seek new opportunities.” Smart managers are not satisfied just planning present activities. Consumers’ needs, competitors, and the environment keep changing. To be competitive you have to bring new ideas to the game.
Chapter 1 Question 17

Give an example of a recent purchase you made where the purchase wasn’t just a single transaction but rather part of an ongoing relationship with the seller.

Answer: The experience that I would like to refer to was not an actual purchase but rather a service that I paid for. It was having my 4-wheeler repaired by a gentleman who repairs such items as a side business. After meeting him and dropping off my 4-wheeler we exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch. We have actually spoken afterwards which led to each party receiving and passing on information that helped both sides. Chapter 1, page 20 speaks about building relationships with customer value. If a firm or business wants to be profitable it depends on everyone working together to ensure full customer satisfaction. If there is a problem with the customer’s order maybe the sales person doesn’t have all the answers, it may have to be addressed with accounting people. Whatever the issue, follow-up is a must to keep customers satisfied and coming back.

Discuss what the seller has done (or could do better) to strengthen the relationship and increase the odds of you being a loyal

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