Week 1 Checkpoint Essay

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Associate Level Material
Appendix C

Risk Management Options

Part I: Scenario and Identification

A retail chain has asked an outside security consulting team to perform a threat and risk assessment for one of its branches. The consulting team has identified the following threats and accompanying risk levels for this particular store:

1. Fire (medium) 2. Internal theft (high) 3. Shoplifting (medium) 4. Burglary (high) 5. Bomb (low)

The retail chain has decided to respond to these threats in the following manner:

For threat #1, management has decided to take no further precautions because the store is currently up to code and the insurance policy the company carries fully covers it in the event of fire.
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| Threat #5 | No further actions taken corporate sees no need to take any more precautions due to mild risk |

Part II: Follow-up questions

1. Do you agree with the company’s responses to these threats? Why or why not?
Some of the changes they were taking will help but yet I believe in the others that there were no further actions taken they could of looked further into the issues at hand. Looking at the booming being a low risk and not worrying about it they should have thought of drills so the employee’s new what to do in any situation

2. Considering the risk-level associated with each threat, list an alternate countermeasure or response for each threat and the type of risk management option your proposed countermeasure represents:

* Threat #1:making sure equipment is up to date and tested the city that the store is located should have violations for those who do not have working equipment along with knowing the drills of how and what to do when a fire is in place and which exit should be used from which area of the store. Along with assigning individual to take a head count * Threat #2: back round checks is a good start they could also monitor those new employees for a probation period but yet theft from employees comes all the time even from those with a clean record. * Threat #3: having a retail theft guide along with placing fines on those individual

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