Essay on Wedding Speech : Wedding Plan

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which expenses they are willing to cover or an amount that they are willing to contribute, if any.
Let the Planning Begin Most couples hire wedding planners nine to 18 months before the wedding day to help bring the many elements together. (Reitmeyer, J. n.d.) When beginning the process of wedding planning, there are some very important questions that must be answered. “Did you set a date? Do you want a big wedding? Do you want a traditional wedding?” The most important one probably being around the budget. “How much do you want to spend on a wedding?” Answering this question involves figuring out what you can afford. Especially if the bride or the couple is paying for the wedding without any outside help. A lot of thought has to go around how much money will be available by the time final payments must be made. Once these questions have been answered the wedding planner can properly assist the client in determining how the money should be allocated so that they can get a big bang for their buck and the wedding day is everything that they anticipated. Ultimately, the wedding planner needs to figure out how to plan, what the client would consider, a memorable event on any kind of budget. Planning a wedding on a budget means that the wedding planner has to be very careful on how the funds are allocated. They have to help their client figure out “what elements are most meaningful and which are less important”. A couple things that need a lot of thought and consideration is…

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