Wedding Speech : Wedding Celebrations Essay

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Wedding Day Rituals
People celebrate their love in different ways around the world. One of the most common ways to celebrate and broadcast your love is to have a wedding. A wedding is the celebration of a marriage that brings together family and friends who all have a chance to take part in the joyous occasion. Although anyone can have a wedding, every wedding is different in every culture. Most of us know how American weddings go but what about Chinese weddings? Are they anything like American weddings or are they completely different?
In America we all know how marriage starts. A man or woman (traditionally the man) gets down on one knee and asks the partner to marry them. If their partner says yes the two become engaged and prepare to spend the rest of their lives together. They tell their friends and family the good news and begin to plan for the wedding. When the time for the wedding is near the woman and man may have a bachelor/bachelorette party. These parties are the time where the bride/husband-to-be go out with a group of friends and have their “last nights of freedom”. After that happens the wedding is soon followed.
In China things tend to play out a bit differently. It is common for the man to go to the woman’s family and seek their approval of the marriage. In spite of being rare and widely unaccepted, those who may have a hard time finding a compatible mate can have their parents take over and play ‘match maker’. During that time the parents give the name…

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