Essay on Wedding Speech - Original Writing

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Tom just got back from work and relaxed to rest on the couch saving up energy for tonight. He was watching TV when Jasmine came home.

“So what am I wearing tonight?” He asked and she got that smile on her face. The smile of pranking evil, he hated that smile.

“I got just the thing the other day that was just perfect.” She raced into her room and came out with a package. “Here you go. You get to be Rainbow Dash.”

“Wait, isn 't that a character in that TV show you watch?”

“Yes she is. She 's a tomboy pegasus who is athlete and a blast to be around.”

“Wait she? SHE!? You;re having me dress up as a girl?” That evil grin returned.

“Yes I am. Like I said she a tomboy and a favorite of the male fans of the show. I could have picked Cadance who is a pink mare and Alicorn of Love?” Jasmine said coyly. Tom swore he paled at the thought of dressing as a pink girl. Rainbow didn 't sound bad after that. “Are you going to not keep your bet?” He siaghed and dropped his head.

“I am a man of my word. I 'll wear it.”

“My brave and noble knight. Now go get changed and be sure to follow the directions exactly. I will be getting into mine. Wordlessly he heading into his bedroom and closed the door. They had started as roommates and became more as they years past. Their place was a nice cozy one with two bedrooms, a kitchen dining area, and living room, and the shared bathroom. Laundry as downstairs. So while they have been seeing each other they don 't normally share a bed. With Privacy…

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