Essay on Wedding Speech - Original Writing

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Adelaide and I walked out of the car and immediately you could hear the music from the party blaring. We didn’t know the address of the party but based on the direction that the music was coming from and the small red cups strewed across the lawn, we could tell that it was the large two story house at the end of the block. I’m not much of a party person, but Adelaide and I were on the soccer team and after practice she begged me to go to this party with her. She claimed that I wasn’t very social and this would be the best way for me to get to know more people and because she didn’t have a ride. Since I had nothing better to do on a Friday night I decided to go with her. The party was uneventful, as soon as we got into the house Adelaide began speaking to some seniors and left me alone. When I looked for her later that night so that we could go home together, I couldn’t find her. I assumed that she couldn’t find me and got a ride with someone else.
It’s Monday morning and I walk into class, plop my bookbag down onto the floor and sit at my desk. After I sit down, I turn around to speak with Adelaide, I hadn’t seen her since Friday night when we were at the party, but her desk is empty and Josh, who sits behind her says, “You don’t know what happened? She’s in the hospital. Something happened to her after the party on Friday.”
“Do you know what happened to her?” I asked.
“I heard that she got hurt in a car accident after the party, while she was going home with Steven.” He…

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