Wedding Speech - Original Writing Essay

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“ Hello, mom” Michael said “Hi, Michael, Why did you answer to late” Mom said “ No, mom, I was taking shower, How are you?” Michael “I’m very good, How is university” Mom asked
“ everything is good, I am getting great mark. It’s almost the last year of university” Michael said. “Great, are you busy This weekend? I want you to come and visit us this weekend, we missed you a lot, honey. ” Mom “ I missed you, too.” Michael pause, “Sure, mom. I will come this weekend.” “ Great, son. Thank you”
Michael was worry about his mom. She sound uncomfortable. All the night, he was thinking why is mom sound different, I was with them last weekend and she always like me to stay with my friends or study in the weekend. So he couldn’t sleep this night thinking about his mom.

Friday came and he went back home. “ SJ, Can you open the door? Please. Someone is knocking” Mom said “ Maybe, it’s Michael” SJ run to the door “ Hi, Michael” SJ hugged Michael “ Leave your brother, SJ. Michael is tired” Mom said
“ It’s ok, mom” Michael giggled
Mom gave Michael a hug. Then he went upstairs to his room. He looked at his room, There was nothing from his stuff moved from It’s place. He love how his mom always clean his room as he always stay in this room. “Do you need anything, honey” Mom asked “No.” Michael said “ How about university, is everything going alright.” Mom asked “Yes, Mom” Michael said “ How is.” Mom was asking but Michael cut her “Mom, Please, stop asking me a lot…

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