Wedding Romantic Song

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Wedding romantic song became one of the music that accompanies both the bride and groom. Music into one device that can not be separated in the wedding. Because the wedding song being played will add to the romantic atmosphere and happy.

The importance of knowing the song not only makes the romantic wedding ceremony became more romantic, but it also will give you an unforgettable moment in a beautiful day. This romantic song is no less important than some of the matters relating to marriage, for example, dresses, invitations, souvenirs and others.

By sung by wedding singer, either through a single organ or band, of course festive wedding will feel noticeably. Wedding romantic song selection more commonly chosen
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By adding a song to add to the romantic atmosphere of your wedding party. It also can describe the feeling of deep love to your partner.

There are thousands of romantic songs that have been created and popularized many singers, both domestically and overseas. But only part that has a deep meaning, which can describe the beauty of a wedding. Was looking for a song to accompany your special day and lovers in the aisle?
1. A Thousand Years
The song that became the soundtrack of the movie 'The Breaking Dawn: Part 1' is sung by Christina Perri. This song lyric very describe the feeling of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (and probably almost all of the bridal couple in general) when walking on the altar and the seconds before pronouncing vows in the presence of the prince. The melody and lyrics are romantic, makes this song so appropriate accompaniment to the wedding.

2. From This Moment On
Who does not know this song? Since its release in the mid 90s to the present, the song sung by Shania Twain is always a favorite at weddings.
Speech promise to stay together and love each other in both weak and strong current, sad or happy, when the best and the worst in the lyrics are very suitable to describe the feel of the sacred
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When You Say Nothing At All
Sometimes more effective body language to express feelings of love than words. That may be the message of the song is sung by Ronan Keating. The smile that suggests the desire to stay together, a sign of fidelity gaze and touch hands to support each partner, is a piece that describes the meaning of hope for a lasting marriage.
11. I Swear
Song popularized by All for One has the perfect tempo to accompany Ladies dancing with a partner. The lyrics are also very suitable with beautiful moments you know!

12. I Do (Cherish You)
Do not be surprised if 98 Degrees voice will hypnotize your guests into the romantic atmosphere of calm and beautiful. The lyrics are chanted willingness of man to love and happiness pasangangannya is very suitable for wedding moments Ladies.

13. Always
You lovers of Bon Jovi? This song could be a great choice for you. Although somewhat ngerock, but this song brings beautiful lyrics and the sung at weddings for you.

14. My Heart Will Go On
Who does not know this song. The song sung by Celine Dion in addition to telling the story of a deep and meaningful, it also has a matching melody to accompany your dance as a

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