Wedding Is The Most Wonderful Day Of Someone 's Life Essay

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Weddings are the most wonderful day of someone’s life; it is a ceremony in which two people are united through marriage. Weddings are ceremonies that can be completely customizable, but also have a pattern that they tend to follow. A wedding can be analyzed through the speaking model of ethnography. One of the important parts of the speaking model is conducting interviews of the people involved in the event. In this case married couples, wedding party members, and wedding guests were interviewed in order to fully understand a wedding. What was learned from these interviews is that weddings are about the couple that is about to be married and what they want the theme of their wedding to be. Themes can be literally anything from a color scheme to an entire topic based wedding. Some of the themes discussed in the interviews were: winter wonderland, country chic, traditional, and even fairy tale. The married couples that were interviewed looked back on their wedding day with pride and wore smiles throughout the entire interviewing process. All weddings are different, but from the interviews one common response occurred from everyone: “We were there for two people who loved each other to get married.”
Although all weddings can unique to the couple marrying they tend to follow an order of events, and each of the steps in the order of events has a symbolic meaning attached to it. First, the guests are seated. This keeps the attention on the ones who are standing in the front of…

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