Website Report On Web Design Essay

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Website Usability Report

Hello, and thank you for choosing Jay’s Designs as the company to overlook the quality of your website’s layout! Having been in business for over 15 years, we at Jay’s Design can guarantee a professional evaluation of your website. We understand the importance of keeping your website in top condition since Haunted Utah is one of the most sought after attractions during the Halloween season. This report will discuss our professional opinions on what Haunt Utah’s strengths are as well as the things we believe need to be changed to improve the quality of your website.
Jay’s Design will assess the provided information, and look for characteristics in each of the categories. Our company promises to help create the best possible website for your Halloween attractions. Hiring only the best Web Designers, we at Jay’s Design are more than qualified to provide professional advice for your website. Our website design experts will take a look at your website, paying specific attention to the following four categories.
• Accessibility
• Identity
• Navigation
• Content

• The website’s load-time is decent, loading the 780.7kb homepage within 1.5 seconds. Although 3974.4KB of the homepage is created from images alone, the height and width attributes are set to exact image sizes which has significantly reduced the time it takes for the homepage to load.
• The website contains no headings, but is…

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