Essay on Web Servers : Web Server

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Web servers

A Web server is a specific computer, in which carries servers are where websites are engraved in HTML ( Hyper text mark-up language). The use for a web server is when a user tries to enter a website using a URL address such as When it works the server will then bring up the website that the user requested. The use of web servers is so that every computer is able to retrieve any web pages, the computer is connected to the server by the internet connection and that will allow the internet to be flown to the computer when you type in a URL address. So when someone published a web site it will be send to the server allowing every computer to access that website.

Web browsers

Web browser is a software used so that it can display any information that you have specially input in the URL address using WWW (world wide web) such as websites, images, Videos, News and many more. The functions of a web browser is to provide the information that the user requested by inputting the WWW e.g.;they can then use this URL as their search engine. Also using the back button to reload the previous page, add to your favourite, reloading button and list of history(new & old). Following on the bookmark list- this allows the user to add their favourite website or URL to the list, they can visit the URL back at any time as much as they want.

Server software

Web servers cant function without Server software; a software designed specifically for…

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