Web Page Design Proposal Essay

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Table of content

1. Introduction 2 1.1. Description and purpose 2 1.2. Target audience 2 1.3. Scope 2
2. Design consideration 3 2.1. Development Language 3 2.2. Programming Technologies 3 2.3. Authoring Tools 4 2.4. Technical Limitations 4
3. Website Analysis 4 3.1. Need Analysis 4 3.2. Content Analysis 4 3.3. Competitive Analysis 5 3.4. Site layout of proposed site 6 3.5. Navigation 7
4. Design Description 7 4.1. Site Content 7 4.2. Visual Design 9 4.2.1. Color 10 4.2.2. Fonts 10 4.2.3. Images 10
5. Website Standards 10
6. Acronyms and abbreviations 11
7. Appendix 11 7.1. Raw data 11
8. References 12


A web site is developed for the purpose of
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There are two groups; one is client side and server side.

➢ In the client side I suppose to use a) Helper Applications b) Browser API programs

➢ In the server side a) Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) b) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) c) PHP

3 Authoring Tools

a) Notepad is preferred over Microsoft Word for writing code.

b) Adobe Dreamweaver (originally owned by Macromedia)

4 Technical Limitations

There are some limitations in website. Such as the bandwidth speed, as bandwidth is different in various countries. Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla firebox all web browsers are compatible for this website. Using dial-up network 33kbps connections speed is enough for downloading my web site and using broad band network 52kbps Connection speed is enough for downloading this website. The resolution of my website should be 800*600 pixels so that it is easily viewable for everyone.

Website Analysis

1 Need Analysis

The Cartoon and art gallery’s website is to accumulate the document and exhibit to the people about different ideas and views through the cartoon and displaying its upcoming exhibition etc. Here I will try to provide some entertainment for the kind and give some idea about the arts. And arrange art exhibitions of new artists to anchorage their work. There are different cartoon and animation art,

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