Web Development And Project Management Essay

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The study area, as identified in assignment one, is VCE computing unit 1, learning outcome 3, which emphasises heavily on the design and development stages of the PSM. In order to teach this, a teacher needs to have a strong grasp of the design principles, web development and project management. The learning areas I have identified are connected to the learning requirements of my recent placement:
The immediate areas that I need to learn and update are highlighted (in red) in the curriculum map, and are sequenced and categorised as follows:
• Theory: design principles and information architecture; and
• Practical: Adobe Muse Creative Cloud (CC) as a web authoring tool, which supports (1) responsive web design for mobile devices (both tablets and smart phones); and (2) has an integrated cloud-computing solution as a web development platform.
My learning approach reflects who I am as a learner. I am both a visual and an aural learner (VARK, 2016); but to internalise and construct my understanding (Merriam, Caffarella, & Baumgartner, 2007; Vygotsky, 1978), I need to practice and modulate; so, I am also a kinaesthetic learner (VARK, 2016). As such, I prefer a learning environment where the teacher explains and visually demonstrates what s/he knows; and where I can try things out. In my own private study, I seek learning materials that caters to my learning styles in at least one, and perhaps two or more forms. This is discussed further in the sections that follow.
The theory……

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