Web Based Project Management Systems Essay

776 Words Dec 11th, 2015 4 Pages
In recent years, the use of Web based Project management systems in the construction industry has increased considerably. There are many factors driving this change. Construction projects are becoming more complex nowadays. Each project contains professionals from various disciplines and has a large amount of forms and information available which are used by these different professionals at different times. The data in the construction project is changing constantly. So it is very difficult in changing the data manually and notifying all the professionals involved with in time. The use of inaccurate data can be very costly. The use of inaccurate data can also cause unnecessary delays which will result in additional costs and also the effect the completion of the project on time. To eliminate these kind of issues there should be proper collaboration between all the people in the project. Web based Project management systems can help in this matter. In the web based systems if we change any document it automatically notifies the changes to all the other people involved in the project making sure that all the people involved in the project have current up to date information thereby, reducing the additional costs and delays. Globalization is a key factor driving the use of WBPMS. Globalization has eliminated boundaries. Foreign companies can also compete with domestic companies thereby, increasing the competition and forcing the companies to be more efficient and productive. In…

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