Web Based Nutrition Education For College Students : Is It Feasible? Evaluation And Program Planning

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Cousineau, T. M., Franko, D. L., Ciccazzo, M., Goldstein, M., & Rosenthal, E. (2006). Web- based nutrition education for college students: Is it feasible? Evaluation and Program Planning, 29(1), 23-33. doi:10.1016/j.evalprogplan.2005.04.018

For many years, college students have been known for their poor nutrition habits and behaviors toward food selection. Most health promotions on campus are associated with alcohol, drug, and tobacco but fewer express the importance of healthy eating. It is common to experience unwanted weight gain between the ages of 18-34. Researchers believe that using the internet would be an innovative way of addressing nutritional concerns on college campuses since the internet is central for most student’s educational development. The purpose of this study was to create a program and test the feasibility of a web-based nutrition education program for college students. In order for a web-based program could be done, a focus group was assembled to develop the major nutrition content theme and features that the students and health experts would deem important. The planning for the program consisted of phases: the focus group and concept mapping, web program application, and feasible testing of the web program. The results of the concept map indicated that the students and experts agreed on the importance of the major content theme. Students participation and accepting the testing of the web program computed a mean score indicating that the program…

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