Web Architecture And Components Of Web

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Web architecture and Components

In this report I will be talking about web architecture and components needed to allow internet and web functionality.

Web architecture
The first section is Web Architecture and I will be talking about Internet Service Provider, Web hosting service, Domain structure, Domain Register and World Wide Web.
Internet Service Providers (ISP) are companies like SKY, Virgin and BT and they all provide internet access because it connects a variety of technologies to connect users to their network.

Web hosting service is an internet service that allows organisations or people to make their website available using the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies such as Ehost.com that give people permission to use space on their servers or they

Domain Structures are broken down into top-level domains and sub-level domains. The basic top-level domains include .com or org. Top-Level domains can moreover represent countries code such as “.uk” or “.us” and the sub-level domains connect related pages to the official websites.

Domain Name Registers is a company that allows companies to register to own a domain name and it also manages the reservation of company’s internet domain names.

World Wide Web (WWW) is a system on the internet that allows hypertext links document to be connected and it allows users to search for information.

The second section is Components and I will be talking Hardware, Web server, Mail and Proxy servers,

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