Web Analytics Tools For A Business Essay

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When you consider the different web analytics tool in the market, there are plethora of available options. It can be overwhelming for some businesses to make a proper choice between the web analytics tools and, moreover, they may not truly understand how to use them. According to an article published on www.inc.com, top three web analytics tool are as follows: Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics, and Crazy Egg. When you look at the prices of the tools, most of them are for free. Even if a business decides which tool is going to be used, without a proper understanding of the information that these tools will provide to the business, it remains just raw data. Since there are tera bytes of data and giga bytes of reports, businesses struggle to make any meaningful business decisions out of it.
Bryen Eisenberg, who is the co-founder and CMO of IdealSpot, noted that “Investing in people and the tools that those people need to be successful is key. But it’s the people who can understand that data really matter.” Therefore, although it is very crucial to know about some of the top options and how they fit into the businesses’ overall web strategy, it is the people who obtain insight into their customers, not the tool itself.
In the light of the experiences that Avinash Kaushik, who is the analytics evangelist for Google and the cofounder of Market Motive Inc, obtained from the world of web analytics, he offers the 10/90 rule that published on his blog on May 19, 2006.…

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