Pros And Cons Of Hurricanes

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7 weather misconceptions that you should Stop believing

1. Hurricanes and Tornadoes are the most deadly natural disaster

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes may seem like the most dangerous natural disaster you could ever face. However, according to a research, floods and droughts actually the most deadly that killed more Americans over time. Surprisingly, deaths caused by the high speed winds, like tornadoes and hurricane, don’t even rank second when it comes to deaths statistics. Most deaths in hurricanes happen when people drown in the massive storm surges. It appears that the main danger of a hurricane is a huge amount of water that are present where people did not expect it to be.

2. Lightning don't strikes the same place twice.

This is a very common misconception. Actually, lightning can strike any location more than once. It may take even less than a minute within a single thunderstorm, or longer than a hundred years, yet
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There is no connection between earthquakes and weather. Earthquakes are the result of geographic processes within the earth and can happen in any weather, in all climate, in all seasons and any time of the year. Every region of the world has a story about earthquake weather, but the type of weather is what they had for their most memorable earthquake.

5. It's safe to drive through a flooded road

There are many that will get through a quite severe floods but there are various risk doing this. Aside from shorted-out electrics on petrol cars, there is also a risk that the engine will suck the water in which will cause it to lock solid, smashing connecting rods, pistons, and even crankshafts. If the water is moving faster, there is also a risk that the car could be carried away into deeper flood water with you inside. All it takes is two feet of rushing water before your vehicle, even SUVs and pickup trucks, can get carried away by the flood

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